About Kelly

Tanning bed

Hi and welcome!

I am Kelly Priebe,  I am pleased to meet you.

I am a  businesswoman and I am very passionate about being healthy and look forward to sharing health related stories with you.  I am not a doctor or nurse,   I just like to share healthy habits to start or add to your current health plan.  I obtained my Master Herbalist Certification ( October 2010), with a focus on essential oils, relaxation massage and lymph node drainage massage.

I  opened a tanning salon in October 2011, I am excited to bring you the latest information on safe, smart tanning, and how to make tanning your best experience.  My plan is to expand the salon as we are growing quickly and running out of space. At the moment we have 2 lay down low intensity beds, 1 lay down high intensity and 1 stand up high intensity.  We also offer spray tanning,  a full waxing service, Slender Quest body wraps.  Added features will be more tanning beds of course, essential oil massage and an oxygen bar.

Enjoy the recipes and tips!

Live, Laugh, Love

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2 Responses to About Kelly

  1. Mini Jacques says:

    Okay ..ready to follow your blog

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