Hawaiian Noni

Hawaiian Noni™


Hawaiian Noni

men and women who want to boost their immune system

The noni plant is a small evergreen tree found growing in open coastal regions at sea level and in forest areas up to 1,300 feet above sea level. The plant is often found growing along lava flows, thus in abundance in Hawaii. The noni plant is native to Asia, Australia and some Pacific Islands and was brought to Hawaii as an herbal plant by early Polynesians. Unicity’s Hawaiian Noni is a concentrated fruit drink that has been used for centuries in the South Pacific for nutritional support.

The noni plant has many folk-remedy uses. It is fabled among the Polynesian peoples to especially help support the body’s respiratory, immune, digestive, and structural systems. The noni fruit, which has been valued by native peoples for centuries, now comes to you in a powder drink mix from Unicity with the added benefits of Indian mulberry, papaya, and aloe vera. We bring to you Hawaiian Noni, one of the best-tasting noni formulas on the market. Unicity uses a more potent form of noni, and since it is in powder form, our product is not conducive to microbial growth, thus leading to a longer shelf life.

Noni is receiving more and more attention from modern herbalists, medical physicians, and biochemists. Scientific studies within the last few decades lend support to the Hawaiians’ and Polynesians’ claims of its unusual healing power. Some of the health-related ingredients of noni fruit that have been isolated are Morindone, Morindine, Acubin, Terpene compounds, L. Asperuloside, various Anthraquinones, Alazarin, Caproic Acid, Caprylic Acid, Scopoletin, Damnacanthal, and Alkaloids. Even though the noni fruit has only negligible amounts of the beneficial alkaloid xeronine, the juice does contain very large amounts of a precursor to the essential alkaloid called proxeronine. Proxeronine is a colloid that, unlike most colloids, contains neither sugars, amino acids, nor nucleic acids and thereby has been overlooked by most biochemists. This compound initiates the release of xeronine in the intestinal tract after it comes in contact with a specific enzyme which is also contained in the noni juice. This particular chemical combination is believed to significantly affect cellular function, which can determine a whole host of physiological reactions. The enzymatic reactions that occur with taking noni juice on an empty stomach are believed to set cellular repair into motion.


Q. What does this drink mix taste like?
A. The Hawaiian Noni has a slightly bitter taste in water.

Q. What should I mix this drink mix with?
A. The Hawaiian Noni can be mixed with water or juice.
Recommended Audience

Primary — men and women who want to boost their immune system.

Secondary — men and women who want to boost their respiratory, digestive and structural systems.
Benefits and Features

• Boosts the immune defenses
• Contains the purest form of noni available
• Convenient powder drink mix; safer than a liquid noni; has a longer shelf life
Recommended Usage

Use 1 scoop with 250 mL of water. Mix or shake well.

Fructose, Morinda citrifolia, Indian mulberry, Aloe Vera powder (200:1), papaya P.E. (4:1), natural flavours (orange and mango), citric acid, maltodextrin, xanthan gum, natural colours.

This information is for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to be used to diagnose any ailment or prescribe any remedy.  It is not to be a substitute for professional help.  It is intended to set forth historical uses for natural remedies.  A person should consult an approved health professional for any conditions which requires their services.


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