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I don’t need vitamins!

I had an interesting conversation a few months back with a friend of mine that feels vitamins are not necessary…. scary thing is, this woman is in the medical field.  Her honest feeling on this is that she took vitamins … Continue reading

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Sleepless nights

Have you had the experience of going to bed completely exhausted, get yourself nice and cozy and two minutes later – your staring at the ceiling You are not alone, thousands of people doing this night after night…. your mind … Continue reading

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Survey says 60 per cent are living paycheque-to-paycheque

THE CANADIAN PRESS TORONTO — Nearly 60 per cent of Canadians would have trouble paying the bills if their paycheque was delayed by one week, a new polls suggests. The Canadian Payroll Association survey says not only are the majority … Continue reading

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Is it the foods we consume?

This is a growing concern in our society today. Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions and is a largely preventable condition. There are hundreds of thousands of undiagnosed diabetics and the numbers escalate every year. Type II Diabetes is also being … Continue reading

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Tips on what a cleanse can do

Bios Life Cleanse Packs If you’ve struggled with managing your weight, reshaping your body, or improving your health and are nagged by health problems like bloating, constipation, and low energy levels, you could be carrying intestinal toxic matter that’s blocking … Continue reading

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I am on my way!!

At long last and months of searching for an effective way to let people know I am out here, a friend of mine at QT Web sent me to word press. Chris knowing full well that I would become a … Continue reading

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