Veggie Barley Bowl

Two women cooking

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I must say I had my doubts but believe it or not, this is really tasty.  I am on a quest for new healthy recipes, when I come across one that I think can be modified “easily” to make it a bit healthier and convenient to make then they get the thumbs up for my blog

1 veggie patty, home-made is obviously better, but if time is not on your side prepared store-bought will work fine.

1/4 cup cooked barley,  I cooked mine in chicken bouillon for added flavor

1/4 cup sliced mushrooms

1/4 cup steamed broccoli, I had to use steamed carrots

cook the veggie patty according to directions, once cooked cut into one inch pieces and to all the remaining ingredients, heat through if necessary add seasoning of your choice and enjoy

Tip:  If you are using stored bought patty’s you may not need to add a salty seasoning, I find the store-bought patty’s are fairly salty.

Enjoy,  if you find another method of altering this recipe, please share it with us.  🙂

Live, Love, Laugh


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