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A couple of weeks ago actually 13 days ago my Beachbody Coach put out a clean eating challenge  that was to start on Nov 29th (I started Dec 2nd) and runs to Christmas day to help us stay out of the Christmas cookie jar and stay lean.  I know what my weaknesses are and they are chocolate and cookies, so I took her up on her challenge.

The first day was easy peasy, the next day, a little more challenging, by the time the first week rolled around all the cravings for chocolate balls had pretty much vanished, only to rear their chocolately little heads a few days later.

Interestingly enough, I did not weigh myself during the entire week, I wanted to see my accomplishments, just not torture myself daily.  In all honesty the only thing I really wanted to accomplish was to stay away from chocolate and goodies.  I love to bake and my husband only likes a few treats, guess who ends up eating the rest, yes siree, it’s me.  I weighed in after one week, surprise! I was down 3 pounds and a little over 1% body fat WOW!  I was shocked, I am still not sure if my scale was lying or not,  I generally weigh twice to be sure, but I was so happy I just got off the scale and had a great day, no point in disappointing myself unnecessarily.

I came across a recipe for roasted root veggie soup that is so delicious that I had to share it.  Trust me, I cup of soup and 3 whole wheat crackers was a satisfying lunch, the recipe makes about 10 servings so I froze the rest in sandwich bags.  It is inexpensive to make but does take some time so give yourself a morning for start to finish, I managed to squeeze a 50 minute ChaLean Extreme work out in while the veggies where roasting.


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