Day 41 and 43 ChaLean Extreme

Wheat Grass

Image by Paul Mayne via Flickr

Busy weekend made it tough for me to put up posts, that does not mean I wasn’t able to get my work outs in, that there is always time for.  The post I put up for Day 40 I mentioned that I was going to chat about a new product that I am taking.  Green Super Food made by Amazing Grass.  I mix up a drink each morning before I eat breakfast.  Why? This super food has wheat grass in it.  Some people have tried wheat grass before and felt ill after drinking the juice, there is a simple explanation for this.  Wheat grass is not a “food” per sa, it is a grass and grass does not digest well with food, if wheat grass is consumed before any food it is easy to digest.

I was given a recipe for brownies made with black beans, one day this week I am going to bake a batch and see how they are, if they turn out as good as some of the reviews I will post it for you.

Today is actually my 43rd day of ChaLean Extreme, I am starting the push circuit for the third week, lots of upper arm work today.  I received two more work out DVD’s from Beachbody on Friday, one is a 30 minute work out the other is 50 minutes.  Tomorrow is a rest day but I may squeeze the 30 minute in to see what it is all about.

today’s menu:

Brunch: 1 whole egg, 1 egg white, 1 piece of dry whole wheat toast and 3 slices of chicken bacon

snack:  an apple, post work out protein shake with enjuvenate

dinner: tuna casserole with caesar salad ( light creamy dressing) small slice of birthday cake

2 600 ml bottles of water, 2 power generation 1 serving of slim ( slim is mixed in 8 oz of water)

Live, Laugh, Love.



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