Day 38 ChaLean Extreme

French toast, maple syrup, and orange jucie

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Ah what a work out!  I was thinking back today as to when I started doing DVD work out programs, (I have always been semi active in conditioning, but nothing really serious enough to see phenomenal results)…believe it or not my first program was Slim in 6, funny thing about that, you actually have to put it in the DVD player and push play.   That is the only reason it did not work for me, because I did not work it.  I was watching an infomercial and got sucked in, when it arrived I tried it a few times, and thought this is killing me and it won’t work. Wrong!  I have to say I was truly not comfortable bouncing around in the living room in front of the T.V. but that is just me…not every one has that mental block.  Time passed by I bought some mats, free weights and  a treadmill which I love and have put 100’s of miles on it.  Then I bought a little trampoline, love it as well.  Bought a stationary bike, love it.  Before I knew it I had a whole gym set up in my house.  This past Spring I bought a 21 speed Diamond Back hybrid, I put 550 k’s on it this summer alone.  At that is how my journey started,  one piece at a time, one day at a time.

Now that I am 38 days into ChaLean Extreme I wish I had found it years ago, but I am here in the present and 100% satisfied with how I am getting stronger.  The results are not as great as I expected, I do believe they will come.  I am working really hard at staying on track with my diet, now that Thanksgiving is behind me, I can get back into a concrete routine.  I am in the 2nd week of the Push circuit today using heavier weights than last week and feeling a lot less shoulder discomfort since I started the program…all is great

Todays menu

breakfast: french toast made with egg whites and 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 1/2 cup blue berries sprinkled with icing sugar, 2 chicken sausages, don’t let the picture fool you, no syrup allowed, if I can do and love it you can to!

snack:  1/2 pita, 1/2 slice of light swiss cheese, 2 slices of tomato, and 1 1/2 oz Canadian bacon, create a pizza with the ingredients, sprinkled with lemon and garlic seasoning

lunch: 3 oz tuna with chopped red onion, celery, 2 tablespoons light mayo mixed together with a slice of light provolone baked until the cheese melted, and placed on baby romaine and tomato chunks

snack: protein shake with a scoop of enjuvante,

dinner:   4 oz  Teriyaki  eye of round steak, steamed carrots, 1/2 cup Chinese noodles.

2 power generation before my work out, and of course 2 servings of slim.

Going to try a new blue berry muffin recipe, I will post if it is as good as it sounds!


Live, Laugh, Love


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