Day 29 ChaLean Extreme

A bowl of cottage cheese.

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Whooo hooo the first month is complete, tomorrow is my weight in, measurement and picture day.

Today’s workout was a repeat of Thursday Burn it off and recharge.   The recharge circuit is flexibility stretching, nice work out especially after the burn it off circuit.  If you love jumping jacks ~ do you remember that last time you did a jumping jack?  Then you will love this program.  I remember the first time I did jumping jacks since I started this program my balance has developed very nicely.  The same for some of the other exercises, the ones where you dive down to the floor and literally jump back up into the air, I was all over the room, very poor form, but I have the rhythm now, if I can do, you can to!  I also had a shot of wheat grass today, I picked up a single packet of it to try.  There was no flavor but you could certainly tell it was pure plant powder, now we all no fresh is far better but it is very difficult to grow, so powder will do for now.

I came across a recipe for muffins made with quinoa (keen-wha) once I get a chance to make them I will post the recipe..keep an eye open for it!

Today’s menu:

breakfast: 1 cup of 1% cottage cheese with 3 thawed strawberries

snack: 1 slice whole wheat dry toast with 1 tbsp almond butter

lunch: 1 home-made salmon burger with a slice of provolone cheese on a thintini bun

snack: post work out protein shake

dinner: Baked beans with pan sautéed potato/squash and mixed steamed veggies.  1/2 cup butterscotch ice cream

Lots of water and green tea, 2 power generation and 1 serving of slim.

Tomorrow is rest day, with all the month end measurements and then Sunday on to the Lean Circuit,  I am so excited!

Live, Laugh, Love.


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