Day 15 of ChaLean Extreme

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Welcome back!  I didn’t put up a post yesterday simply because it was a rest day, so I took it to heart and rested :-).  I really missed working out yesterday but I used the time to get my last test in for my Master Herbalist Certification, I have a final exam and then I will be  finished!

Today’s work out was Burn Circuit 1, basically what I am doing is repeating the first week 4 times then moving on to the next phase.  I am lifting more in the way of weights now and getting a little closer to the floor with my chest on the push ups.  The burn circuit 1 is as intense as I want it to be so I pushed a little harder today and worked in the Ab burner to.  The Ab burner is just that, all abdominal exercises, that is where my visceral fat lies, in the abdomen and that is my area of concentration.  Tomorrow is a rest day as well, I am feeling  a little restless with the idea of not working out tomorrow so I think I will do the Ab Burner and the yoga stretches.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention the yoga stretches the other day.  Have you done yoga before?  I have not really participated in the stretches all out like I do now, and I have to say, they are a lot of work!  But I love them too….

Food menu today was off a bit, I had to eat breakfast at a meeting, there for it wasn’t my typical diet.  I should also mention now that I weigh myself everyday, it is just my habit, and people will argue that you should toss the scale away, but I like to keep an eye on things, it helps keep me disciplined if I get the urge to have something that isn’t maybe the best choice.  This past week for the very first time in years my weight stayed exactly the same each day.  In total I am down 1 pound and my body fat is down almost 1%,  I think that this is good, it means that my muscle is gaining and my fat is losing, I like that!

Breakfast:  scrambled eggs, 1 piece pea meal bacon and a small bowl of fruit

Snack: 1/2 tortilla roll, 1 slice turkey breast, sliced red pepper, sliced tomato, whipped cream cheese

lunch: Tilapia fillet with steamed veggies, other half of the tortilla wrap

Snack: Protein shake with mixed berries,  home-made granola bar

Dinner: smothered chicken, steamed broccoli and carrots, steamed rice

lots of water through out the day, extra water during the workout, 2 power generation before working out and 2 servings of slim.

Tomorrow is a rest day, so I will chat with you again on Sunday.  Enjoy Saturday!

Live, Laugh, Love



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