Day 8 ChaLean Extreme

Welcome back!

I did not put a post yesterday just because it was a “rest” day in the ChaLean Extreme program.  Today is the beginning of my second week in the “burn” program.  What happens is for the first month I repeat each week for 4 weeks, which is very cool, it gives me an opportunity to re-do what I may have missed and surprisingly enough I noticed that I am handling more weight.  That means that I am comfortable with the weights now and physically I am a bit stronger, and yes there was push ups today, and yes I am still struggling with them, I did notice however that I am able to get a little lower, so again I have to say I am gaining some strength, I am very pleased with that!

Before I get into today food menu I wanted to add that I did get a chance to go cycling on the trail today.  I had to fight a head wind uphill, with that  I was only cycling for an hour, I did  manage to burn 890 calories, Yes!

Breakfast:  1 whole egg, 2 egg whites omelet style, in the middle 1 oz goats cheese crumbles, 1 slice of tomato chopped, 1 piece dry whole wheat toast

snack: Protein shake after ChaLean workout

This is when I went cycling, I took along a granola bar just in case I ran out of energy, it was a good thing I did to with the head wind I was fighting.

Lunch: 2 oz boneless pork chop, less than 1/4 cup steamed peas and 2 slices baked sweet potato

snack: I cheated here, I was on the road and getting hungry I stopped at Tim Horton’s and had a ham and cheese biscuit ~ no butter

Dinner: Tonight is a surprise my husband is bringing home dinner tonight.  This just shows that you are allowed to treat yourself!

Tomorrow is another ChaLean Extreme “rest” day, I was going to go cycling, time will tell.  My sister is getting ready to start her work out program so we are heading to Collingwood Canadian Tire so she can get her adjustable pin weights,  I am so excited for her!

Until Sunday, enjoy the weekend the weather forcast is calling for sun!

Live, Laugh, Love



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Greetings! I am a small business owner in the community of Owen Sound in Ontario. I recently opened a tanning salon in Owen Sound and have been hearing a lot of "chatter" about indoor tanning and I want to let as many people that I can reach learn about the benefits of indoor tanning vs outdoor tanning. Education on tanning benefits as essential for the decision maker! Live, Laugh, Love Kelly
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2 Responses to Day 8 ChaLean Extreme

  1. Leland says:

    It’s great to read your blog. I’m doing CE, it’s the end of my first week. Day 7 tomorrow. I’ve lost 7 lbs. Chalene and crew put me through the paces. Keep blogging, it’s inspiring to read how others are succeeding.

  2. kellypriebe says:

    Thank you for your great comments. ChaLean Extreme is a fantastic work out and congratulations on your loss 🙂 I love to hear success stories so please feel free to keep me posted!
    To your success


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