Day 5 ChaLean Extreme

Craziness!  These work outs are amazing…this is exactly what I have looked for.  There is a lot of concentration on the arms, lunges, squats.  No purple band today, cute little thing it is, but it is nasty. Just 3 extreme push ups this time, tomorrow I am sure will be different.  Push ups are something that I am very weak at, apparently I am going to love doing them before this program is over!   Lots of butt pain today from the squats, so I was feeling it today during the work out.  What part of the body are you looking to tone? I am wanting to get rid of my belly and maybe increase the size of my butt, seems ChaLean Extreme knows this judging by the work outs so far 🙂 .  I have been using  3,5,8 and 10 lbs weights I figure I will out grow them fairly quickly so  I picked up my pin adjustable weights today at Canadian Tire,  they are not a necessity, you can do resistance with the bands, I just prefer the weights.

One of the most important things that I love that Chalene does is the constant reminding of the back and knees.  My knees are getting stronger since I started cycling in the Spring, I believe these workouts are going to continue to help with that.  I do recommend that you have a mirror in your gym to help you with your  form.

my food menu today was:

Breakfast:  Rolled oats, not the quick cooking they are too over processed,10 chopped raw almonds, a teaspoon of honey,1/4 cup berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Morning snack:  1/2 cup cottage cheese with strawberries~remember you can whip your cottage cheese in a magic bullet if you are not a fan of the texture

Lunch: 1 4 oz can of tuna, drain “water”, mix 2 tablespoons light miracle whip, 1/2 cup chopped celery, place on a bed of 3 cups of romaine lettuce, sliced grape tomatoes

after work out protein shake with 5 ice cubes, half a banana ~ mix it up a little with cocoa powder for a delicious chocolate flavor.

Dinner:  1 butterflied chicken breast pan-fried in 1/2 teaspoon of  ghee, steamed frozen stir fry vegetables, and a 1/4 cup home fries.

a late night snack, not too late though could be 1/2 cup Activia

1/2 hour before my work out 2 capsules of Power Generation for stamina, the last thing I want to happen is run out of energy before my work out is over.  I also had 2 servings of Slim 1/2 hour before lunch and dinner.

Thank you for stopping by,  I  look forward to chatting with you tomorrow

Live, Laugh, Love



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