Heart Health tips

10 +1 Best Foods for Your Heart:
Hearth Health Month has come and gone but that doesn’t mean our heart awareness can hide away until next February. Here are the 10 Best Foods for Your Heart and we dare you to incorporate them into your diet. Oatmeal, but not just any Oatmeal. The best that I have come across is Arrowhead Mills steel-cut oats ~ think breakfast, you’re not supposed to skip it anyway – Salmon, you can eat it out or grill it on your own – Avocado, good topper for just about anything , even healthy home-made chicken pizza– Olive Oil, look for extra-virgin or virgin varieties and use in place of margarine  – Nuts, perfect snack , make sure they are raw or dry roasted. Roasted in oil will defeat your goals – Berries, Sweet and Satisfying – Legumes, aka: lentils, chickpeas, black, and kidney beans, don’t forget chick peas are the base for humus – Spinach, raw or cooked – Flaxseed, kill two birds with one stone and sprinkle ground flaxseed on your steaming bowl of morning oats 2 tablespoons per day is all you need to help with regularity.


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Greetings! I am a small business owner in the community of Owen Sound in Ontario. I recently opened a tanning salon in Owen Sound and have been hearing a lot of "chatter" about indoor tanning and I want to let as many people that I can reach learn about the benefits of indoor tanning vs outdoor tanning. Education on tanning benefits as essential for the decision maker! Live, Laugh, Love Kelly
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