Protein drinks

As an owner of a construction company this is a high stress industry and you do what ever you can to unwind…  I work out everyday simply because it is my stress relief.

After working I whip up a  protein shake for recovery.   Supporting  lean muscle mass with a powerful whey protein isolate is important to recovery. I use a delicious, nutrient-rich shake that provides amino acids to muscles as well as provides key vitamins and minerals after my workout to support a positive protein balance.

This is a recipe for a  great after workout shake

1 frozen banana

1 tbsp real maple syrup

1 cup skim milk

1 serving Unicity Quadplex protein

blend together is a magic bullet or blender, I use the magic bullet, it is quicker and less mess to clean up.

Blend and enjoy!


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Greetings! I am a small business owner in the community of Owen Sound in Ontario. I recently opened a tanning salon in Owen Sound and have been hearing a lot of "chatter" about indoor tanning and I want to let as many people that I can reach learn about the benefits of indoor tanning vs outdoor tanning. Education on tanning benefits as essential for the decision maker! Live, Laugh, Love Kelly
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One Response to Protein drinks

  1. Nutrition says:

    Protein shakes should be an essential part of any athletes or active persons diet.

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