Colds and Flu

It is fairly predictable once the first day of school is over the cold and flu symptoms begin.  We get the aches and muscle pains, loss of appetite, sniffles, coughs …..  Your doctor most likely won’t give you an antibiotic if it is just a cold.  Antibiotics are for bacterial infections not viruses…

Antibiotics can cause a tremendous amount of side effects, one in particular is destroying the healthy flora in the gut.  Probiotics are the  most efficient way in my opinion to replenishing the “good” bacteria next to yogurt and other food sources and should be taken during the course of antibiotic treatment and for about 2 weeks after the treatment ends.

Would it surprise you to learn that each of us has literally hundreds of species of bacteria inhabiting our intestines? Some of these bacteria are beneficial, or “friendly,” while others are not. The friendly intestinal bacteria help our bodies fight off illness, digest food and remove waste. They also create essential vitamins and nutrients. But everyday elements in our foods and certain commonly used medications can destroy friendly bacteria. This upsets the balance in the intestinal system and allows the unfriendly bacteria to proliferate to a point where they may cause serious problems.

Unicity Probiotics can be found in a capsule or for those who are not able to swallow capsules it can be purchased in a powder form.


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One Response to Colds and Flu

  1. Kelley says:

    That’s good advice.

    It would probably be a good idea to add caprylic acid to kill the yeast that can spead easily when antibiotics are taken.

    If that isn’t done immediately, the yeast changes its shape and can poke hole into the intestinal lining which leads to all sorts of problems, including quite serious ones down the road. For that situation of not responding immediately, I have some free tips on my hubpage.

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